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Petal Poetry

Petal Poetry

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This handmade cushion cover features a four-sided design crafted from a blend of jute and cotton, adorned with a delicate fringe. Manual floral embroidery and lace embellishments adorn the surface, creating an intricate and elegant aesthetic. The petals of the floral motif are brought to life with meticulous chenille 3D outlining, adding depth and texture to this exquisite piece.

Inspired by nature's beauty, this cushion cover captures the essence of a serene garden. The four-sided design, a canvas of rustic jute and soft cotton, symbolizes the harmony between earth and sky. Handcrafted floral embroidery, delicate as morning dew, blooms with the devotion of artisanal craftsmanship. Lace embellishments, like gossamer threads, reflect the grace of trailing vines. Chenille 3D outlines mimic the tactile poetry of petals, infusing life into this tranquil garden.

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