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Takht E Magnifique

Takht E Magnifique

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This gorgeous piece has cotton cords tied and hand stiched giving a raw but timeless appeal to your home. Our craftsmen have tried to showcase the imperfections of handmade product as the fringes can be combed for a uniform look or left shabby for a natural touch.

The hands on expert of the Macramé technique, our artisans delicately invent and row pieces for homes that inspire to be praiseworthy, the bohemian and earthy tones of the collection reflects unmatched attention to detail

Bridging old age artistry with contemporary appeal is deeply engraved in the roots of our craftsmen and artisans. Making home decor items is a work of art , it involves creating designs with closed eyes with the ability to bring them right into life. We take pride in saying we create dreams. We bring imaginations to reality.


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