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Creatively transforming, improving and escalating home interiors merging technology, innovation and traditional craftsmanship, enabling the world of home décor to its full potential. Bringing you the most exquisite designs, crafted completely by hand using intricate thread techniques. This collection is an ode to the talents of our artisans who are given a free hand to innovate and portray their art through the collection.

Our team was thrilled and pleasantly surprised when one of our core craft son came out with the concept of reverse patch work which has been intricately splayed in this beautiful pillow. The base fabrics texture is used as the white filling over a badge cotton fabric and the dori is used to embrace the borders the between the patch and the base even the color selection were recommended by the same artisan which really defines how age old craftsmanship is being bridged towards the modern artistry and the design.

It takes our experts hours and sometimes days to create a single cushion. A lot of thought and time goes in designing every cushion to match our expected quality and design. Let your choice of products, speak for you. ✨

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