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Rope Weave

Rope Weave

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Story of the product: Embarking on a creative odyssey, this cushion emerges as a testament to the Grand Canyon's allure. The play of golden hues against obsidian depths sparks its palette. Intricately embroidered ropes mirror the canyon's rugged caves, each stitch a tribute to its texture. A lush 3D cotton row grows like canyon flora, while fringed layers echo its geological layers. This cushion is more than art; it's the essence of the canyon's mystique.

Craftsmanship of the product: This cushion as an ode to the Grand Canyon's interplay of light and shadow, this hand-made cushion cover beautifully captures the canyon's hues. The juxtaposition of vibrant yellows and deep shadows mirrors the captivating contrasts of the region. The sturdy rope embroidery pays homage to the canyon's cave structures. A plush 3D cotton row adorns the fabric, enhancing the cushion's texture, while the fringed layers on all sides add a distinctive touch of elegance.

Care of product: It is advised to refrain from washing in a machine and instead opt for a gentle hand wash in a bucket. It is highly recommended to perform spot cleaning whenever possible.

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