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Gerbera Phool

Gerbera Phool

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Craftmanship: 4 Days of Craftmanship and 3 artisans Involved

Craftmanship of the Product: Inspired by Gerbera Phool(African Daisy), symbolizing a garden of flowers, our artisans crafted this exquisite cushion. This handcrafted cushion brings the beauty and charm of a flower garden into your home, reflecting the skilled artistry and cultural heritage of hand work by its creators. Add a touch of floral elegance to your decor with this unique piece.

The cushion combines both aesthetic appeal and tactile interest, making it a sophisticated addition to home decor. The intricate craftsmanship highlights skilled needlework and attention to detail.

Technical Description: This decorative cushion showcases a detailed floral pattern achieved through advanced embroidery techniques. The base fabric is a woven textile with a subtle, multi-tonal background. The floral designs are created using a looped cord or yarn embroidery, forming raised, three-dimensional motifs. Techniques such as tufting and appliqué are likely employed to enhance the texture and depth of the flowers.

Care of Product: Cherish the Opulent Embroidered Tapestry Pillow with care. Given its handmade nature, a gentle approach is recommended. Spot cleaning ensures the preservation of the diverse hand embroidery techniques, allowing this pillow to remain a testament to the artistry and passion woven into every fibre.

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