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Leaves Whimsy Pillow

Leaves Whimsy Pillow

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Story of the product: The artisan found inspiration in the delicate dance of autumn leaves onto pathways. Mesmerized by the interplay of brown and beige hues, the vision of a cushion cover took shape. With skilled hands, the artisan stitched the essence of falling leaves onto the fabric, capturing the season's beauty. The result: a unique piece that brings the splendor of autumn indoors, inviting nature's touch.

Craftsmanship of the product: Handcrafted cushion cover intricately designed, drawing inspiration from the graceful descent of autumn leaves onto pathways. Warm shades of brown and beige meticulously hand-stitched onto soft fabric, mirroring the natural hues of the season. The cover captures the essence of fall through its detailed craftsmanship, bringing a touch of autumn's beauty and serenity into any living space.

Care of product: It is advised to refrain from washing in a machine and instead opt for a gentle hand wash in a bucket. It is highly recommended to perform spot cleaning whenever possible

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