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Jute & Jewel

Jute & Jewel

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Story of the product: The designer of this stunning cushion cover drew inspiration from the magnificent peacock, with its iridescent feathers and regal presence. Rather than using traditional printing techniques, the designer opted for a loom fabric, which was overlaid with intricate jute laces and delicate chicken embroidery to create a unique and dynamic pattern. The finishing touch of the elegant fringe on all sides completes the design, resulting in a truly special and eye-catching product.

Craftsmanship of the product: This handcrafted cushion cover is inspired by the peacock pattern and features a diagonal print. The fabric used for the cover is loom overlewd, and the design is achieved by adding jute laces and chicken embroidery. The cushion cover is finished off with a decorative fringe on all sides, giving it an elegant and sophisticated look. No print technique has been used, making this cushion a unique and one-of-a-kind addition to any home décor collection.

Care of product: It is advised to refrain from washing in a machine and instead opt for a gentle hand wash in a bucket. It is highly recommended to perform spot cleaning whenever possible.

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