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Story of the product: Inspired by the numerous handloom cushions crafted using pitlooms, the artisans aimed to achieve a similar aesthetic without relying on the traditional loom technique. Instead, they experimented with various blending techniques to add a unique twist to the design. The end result was a contemporary take on the classic handloom cushion design, showcasing the designer's creativity and ingenuity. This cushion cover pays homage to the intricate artistry of the past while introducing a fresh and modern approach to its execution.

Craftsmanship of the product: This cushion cover is a true work of art, hand-made with intricate details and textures. The central motif features a thick, 3D texture achieved through complete hand-needle techniques, and is complemented by a wave-like pattern of sheniel and gold lurex. A flappy fringe adds further depth to the design. The strips of rounded velvet fabric of different colors are looped on a cord and embroidered with hidden stitches, adding pops of color to the overall piece. The central motif is also embellished with embroidery, providing a balance to the overall design. This large cushion cover is sure to be a striking addition to any space..

Care of product: It is advised to refrain from washing in a machine and instead opt for a gentle hand wash in a bucket. It is highly recommended to perform spot cleaning whenever possible.

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