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Genda Phool

Genda Phool

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Craftmanship:- 5 Days of Craftmanship and 4 artisans Involved.

Craftmanship of the Product: Inspired by the beauty of the 'Genda Phool' (Marigold Flower), artisans meticulously handcrafted this cushion. Featuring intricate embroidery with satin stitches and French knots, it captures the essence of the marigold in elegant white and beige threads. Perfect for adding a touch of floral charm to any space.

Technical Description:- The cushion features a hand-embroidered floral design using a mix of satin stitch and French knots for texture. The flowers and leaves are crafted with white and beige threads on a plain, light fabric background. The embroidery provides a raised, textured look, enhancing the cushion's aesthetic appeal.

Care of Product: Cherish the Opulent Embroidered Tapestry Pillow with care. Given its handmade nature, a gentle approach is recommended. Spot cleaning ensures the preservation of the diverse hand embroidery techniques, allowing this pillow to remain a testament to the artistry and passion woven into every fibre.

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