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EarthTone Mosaic

EarthTone Mosaic

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Story of the product: A gentle breeze guided an artist's imagination. Enthralled by the spinning windmills, she crafted a cushion cover that captured their essence. Six unique wing patterns were meticulously embroidered, reminiscent of twirling fans. Jute lace, mirroring the windmill's texture, added an earthy touch. Cotton and jute's neutral hues mingled, evoking elegance. This creation narrates the wind's dance and rustic allure, offering a serene escape

Craftsmanship of the product: This handcrafted cushion cover features a unique windmill-inspired design, with six distinct wing patterns meticulously embroidered to resemble spinning fans. The intricate embroidery is complemented by the addition of jute lace, enhancing the spinning illusion. The use of neutral tones in cotton and jute creates a subtle yet elegant contrast, resulting in a delicately sophisticated appearance that adds charm to any space..

Care of product: It is advised to refrain from washing in a machine and instead opt for a gentle hand wash in a bucket. It is highly recommended to perform spot cleaning whenever possible.

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