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Craftsmanship: 3 days of craftsmanship and 5 artisans involved

Introducing the Charakh Elegance Pillow, a sublime masterpiece that whispers the artisanal poetry of life. Crafted with unparalleled devotion and precision, this pillow is not merely an embellishment for your home; it's a profound narrative intricately woven into hanwoven fabric.

Story of the Product: Allow the Charakh Elegance Pillow to gently unfold its captivating story—a tale of life's harmonious dualities delicately expressed through its design. The 4-way macramé handwork, adorned with interlooped gold bead motifs, creates a semi-geometrical pattern, a symphony of elegance that mirrors the subtle balance between chaos and order. This pillow transcends the ordinary, embodying a timeless narrative.

Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the unparalleled artistry that defines the creation of the Charakh Elegance Pillow. Each stitch and knot is a testament to the skilled hands of our artisans, embodying the essence of 'aadyahome's' unwavering commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship of the Product: Behold the intricacies of the Charakh Elegance Pillow's craftsmanship—the 4-way macramé handwork, adorned with interlooped gold bead motifs, forms a mesmerizing semi-geometrical pattern. Surrounding this exquisite centerpiece, each side features a multitasseled border trip, adding a whimsical yet opulent touch. The pillow's surface engages in a gentle interplay of delicate embroideries, lavish embellishments, and intricate laceworks, creating an enchanting tapestry of sophistication and luxury.

Care of Product: Nurture the opulent beauty of your Charakh Elegance Pillow with tender care. Steer clear of the harsh embrace of a washing machine; instead, indulge in a gentle hand wash, preserving the intricate details and ensuring the longevity of this artisanal masterpiece. For daily upkeep, consider spot cleaning, allowing the pillow to retain its soft, luxurious allure and the poetic craftsmanship woven into every fiber.

Elevate your living space with the Charakh Elegance Pillow—a fusion of artisanal grace, sumptuous craftsmanship, and the timeless narrative of life's exquisite intricacies.

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