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Size: 45x120cm

Craftsmanship: 4 days of craftsmanship and 6 artisans involved

Cat Nip is our cat bed for your purry furry!

Dress your spaces with bohemian and fresh airs and give them the carefree touch they need! Now it is possible with Boho-Chic decoration products. Color, rebellion, vitality, naturalness and originality are just some of the characteristics that define it. Without a doubt, the current trend of the most daring, of the free spirits. It is difficult to pigeonhole it given its wide range of nuances and possibilities, as it presents a retro-vintage base to which exotic-inspired details are added. Distinctive and glamorous touches that will make your spaces overflow with personality.

Macrames of ‘aadyahome’ - At ‘aadyahome’, we take pride in creating some of the most refined macrame items in the world, using only the highest quality materials and precise techniques. Each knot and loop is infused with our artisans' passion and expertise, resulting in a product that is not just functional, but also a work of art. Macrame handwork is a testament to the power of human creativity and skill. With artisan strength and care, every piece is crafted to be both beautiful and durable. Investing in our macrame is a way to bring tradition and artistry into your home, and to support a legacy of handcrafted excellence.

Care of product: It is advised to perform spot cleaning only.

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